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So hot and look how long our tongues are

I’m so sorry I haven’t been updating on this blog, but I will.

Anonymous asked:
DOCTOR WHO??!!??!?!?!

Anonymous asked:
Why are you so mean answering? I know you're not Jenna but why...?

How am I mean? :\

that-terrible-lesbanom asked:
Im so happy i just stumbled upon this blog! Jenna Marbles, Marbles and Kermit are legends, so happy this exists.


Anonymous asked:
I do not know this jenna marbles girl at all I'd rather get to know YOU what do you say ???

If you don’t know her, you don’t get to know me. Bye.

Anonymous asked:
Where is Jenna from?


Feb 16  
princess-wawa asked:
R u the real Jenna Marbles , or a fake ?

I’m not Jenna, nor am I a fake. Just a dedicated fan \m/